No one knows for sure how many migrants are massed on our Southern border. Caravans of people on foot, in buses, and trucks seem to be arriving daily.

One group that tried to rush the border was repelled by border agents using tear gas. Having used tear gas in the military I can tell you it was nasty then and probably nastier now.

What’s Our Immigration Policy?

Currently we allow about one million people or more to legally cross our borders. That seems pretty generous.

We need to keep in mind that many people trying to enter Ellis Island in the 1900s were sent packing back to where they came from.

What is our policy when thousands show up to a party they were not invited to? Is our current policy open borders?

Some politicians certainly think so.

Votes vs. Free Stuff

Half the population of the US pays no taxes. Immigrants, legal or illegal, get healthcare, education, even a driver’s license in some states.

In addition, the US has no less than 127 poverty programs that are more than happy to pay the bills for those who can’t function in the US due to language or legal status.

But as a group you can count on them to show up on election day and vote for the Democrat party that loves to buy votes.

Supposedly they are not supposed to qualify for any benefits if they are not legally in the United States, but we all know there are many ways to scam the system.

How Open Should Our Border Be?

How is legal status arrived at? Who qualifies for asylum and who is just looking for a better way of life? Is one less trivial than the other?

Is looking for a better way of life in the US versus the country you left disqualify you from entry?

Where do skills come in? Do those with scientific, technical expertise, engineering or math skills go to the head of the line?

Do we really need more motel maids, or landscapers? Who rings the dinner bell for some but pulls the gallows trap door on others?

Some Final Thoughts

Most people are for some kind of controlled immigration. They don’t want bad people coming into the country.

They also don’t want unskilled people who are not going to contribute to the economy and the betterment of society.

America is a humane society. We help people. But there is also a cost for that help and to load more on the backs of taxpayers is not the best use of that humanitarian effort.

Giving people a hand up is fine. Giving them a lifetime handout is not the realization of the American Dream.

In my opinion it’s time to control the borders. If that means tougher immigration I’m all for it. If it’s a wall I’m all for that too.

Whatever it takes for us to know who is here, why they are here, and what they will contribute is needed more than the porous border we have now.

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