Immigration has been the hot topic all week and Tom, Shane and Mike McCormick were up to the task to talk about it on this past Saturday’s Open for Business show.

Tom explained the three reasons why families are separated at the border and where politics and immigration are headed.

Mike McCormick reminded us that there is record unemployment and there are jobs that American’s would rather not do so perhaps the time for more permissive immigration has come.

Shane commented that more jobs mean supply and demand, but immigrants might take those jobs for less.

Mike spoke of his efforts to get into Canada and Shane brought us up to date about the increased Canadian population thanks to their immigration policies.

Mike McCormick felt that he has not been affected at all by illegal immigration.

Tom passed out some numbers of how much illegal immigration costs the American taxpayer.

A caller also chimed in about how illegal immigration has affected his and him employment.

Hispanic immigrants repatriate about $750 billion dollars sent to Mexico by workers here. That’s almost a third of the Mexican economy.

Shane also pointed out that 63,000 Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants in the past 20 years.

And as proof of America’s open arms 1.2 million are allowed into the US legally each year.

Immigration is always going to be an issue until we either build a wall or toughen our laws. Do you have an answer? Comments Below

Listen to this informative interview here:

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