Let’s get rid of money. Do we really need it? We go to work each day and exchange our labor for dollars that we use to create a lifestyle for ourselves.

Let’s eliminate the middleman — cash.

How Would No Money Work?

It’s really simple. You get up every day, go to work, but there’s no paycheck at the end of the week.

Instead you’d just get a kind of debit card for the number of hours you worked that would allow you to pay bills, go to the grocery store, the doctor, buy illegal guns and drugs. All the things you currently do.

Over Time It Would Get Even Better

You go to work and at the end of the week you don’t get anything. You just go to the grocery store, take what you need off the shelves and you’re good.

Now there would have to be some restrictions. Can’t have you going in any taking all the meat home to your freezer — but you could treat yourself now and then.

Another great perk — you wouldn’t have to wait for sales to get the stuff you want. It would always be there at the lowest prices no need for sales anymore.

How Would You Get A Raise At Work?

Well, now you’re getting into the high weeds. Perhaps stores would be broken up by status. Only higher paid people could shop in certain parts of the store.

Sort of like having to be a certain age to drive or buy alcohol.

We sort of have that now don’t we? Neiman-Marcus, Tiffany’s, Four Seasons, Rodeo Drive? Not everyone can shop there — at least not regularly.

If you got a raise at work you’d just be admitted to the better part of the store.

Instead of Swanson’s TV dinners you could get Marie Callender’s. Problem solved.

Some Final Thoughts

Okay, maybe I need to rethink this a little. Money does make the world go round and having it, or not having it, self regulates everyone’s spending.

Some of us handle cash well and some do not. Besides as every kid knows there something special about touching money you earned yourself.

I guess I can wait for T-Bone’s to go on sale again. Until then there’s always Top Ramen.

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