One of my favorite sayings is, It’s never crowded on the extra mile. What that means is few people take the leap to start a new venture.

Another famous saying is, Fear of loss is more powerful than expectation of gain. When you combine these two sayings in the minds of potential entrepreneurs, it takes much of the wind out of their sales.

Self-Talk Sabotage

Yes, we all talk to ourselves. We give ourselves all kinds of excuses as to why we can’t be better than we are.

I’ll fail because I have too little education, no money, not enough time, or too hard. The negative self-talk is endless.

What if you told yourself, “I can get the education I need, find a way to get the money, budget my time, and face the hardship of doing it.”

Which sounds better to you?

We’re Programed To Fail

Think back over your life. When you were growing up your parents made your decisions for you. In school your teachers made your decisions for you. At work or in the military your boss or officer made decisions for you.

We’ve been conditioned to allow others to make decisions for us because all the repercussions of those decisions are on them — not on us.

But when it comes to starting your own venture you’re on your own. The buck stops with you.

Every decision, from the smallest to the largest, can come back and bite you. We’re in our comfort zone when others are calling the shots. So no need to rock the boat by even considering there might be something better out there.

Some Final Thoughts

What would you do if you knew in your heart you couldn’t fail? Is there anything you’d not attempt?

You need to put yourself in that mindset. Learn all you can from every job you have. Many people if asked confirm they’d like to be their own boss. They’d like to be the one calling the shots.

Putting in the effort to make it happen is very scary to most people. That’s why it’s never crowded on the extra mile.

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