Today on the Glenn beck Show, Glenn confronts congress, and interviews Michelle Bachman and tries to determine if she will run against Barack Obama in 2012. He'll takel a look at Obama's salary, and talk to the latest lotto mega-millionaires.  Today from 4pm to 7pm on AM 1450 KMMS online right here on

Well, that didn’t take long – the new Republican Congress was in session all of a few minutes before they managed to hack Glenn off. They promised to read the Constitution before the session for inspiration and guidance. It turned out to be a dog and pony show and they put their weak spines on display as they edited out parts of our history they didn’t have the courage to explain.

President Obama explained why Robert Gibbs would be moving on and the biggest reason seemed to be so Gibbs could go out there and get rich because he’s been working six years with ‘relatively modest pay’. Gibbs earns $172,200 a year. This is coming from a President who has constantly hammered ‘the rich’ and has even said that people can earn ‘too much’ money.

Will she or will she not run for President against Barack Obama in 2012? Glenn asks that and gets down and dirty in debt ceiling talk with the Congresswoman who the left treat as enemy #1.

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