Is it really fear or something else? Confusion perhaps. Fear of the unknown. In my opinion I think it’s anti-politician fear.

There’s an old saying that defines fear. F.E.A.R. — False Evidence Appearing Real. What some imagine Trump might do is far more fearful than what he actually does.

And that seems to be the fear that defines Trump. What he might do. Or what his detractors imagine he might do.

The media is very confused because they’re looking for political signals and there are none.

Let’s face it. There would not have been a dimes worth of difference between Bush and Gore. Or Bush and Kerry. Or, Romney, McCain and Obama.

Why not? Because they’re all politicians and would adhere to political norms. They would speak and act politically.

They would appear normal to both voters and media.

No surprises, no tweets, no social media gaffs, just focus group rhetoric that we were all comfortable with during the political ghosts of Christmas past.

One of the other electoral losers might have passed some meaningful legislation but most things would have just hummed along as they have since Eisenhower.

A war here and there. A recession here and there. But for the most part — business as usual.

Trump — The New Politician

Contrast the difference between Romney and Trump. Both billionaires, both business leaders, both started with wealthy parents and built even more wealth, and both increased their wealth by suspicious, and in some cases, unpopular means.

Yet one was hated and vilified by the working classes and the other was elected by the same group.

What’s the secret?

The secret is not what you say but how you say it. Romney talked to his wealthy peer group for donations while Trump said the things we’ve all said to each other sitting on bar stools all over the US.

And as the election demonstrated — that unusual tactic of respecting and speaking to the working class actually worked.

How do you counteract that? The answer is — you ignore the message and shoot the messenger.

Impeach him. He’s not acting like the politicians we’re used to.

Tell NATO and UN members to pay their fair share. Who does that?

Stand toe-to-toe with China and tell them to stop stealing our books and music. Who does that?

Tell North Korea to knock of nuclear tests or they’ll glow in the dark? Who says that?

Germany tried open borders and now they have areas of their cities that not even the police will enter. Trump wants a wall. Who says that?

I bet Bush wanted a wall. McCain and Romney too. But politicians can’t say things like that.

But someone whose never held any political office can. And that’s the secret. And that’s the fear.

Some Final Thoughts

I’ve lived through 13 presidents. All shapes and sizes, heights and even colors. I’ve never lost a second of sleep worrying about what any of them were doing.

We have a Constitution, congressional checks and balances and a Supreme Court. Thanks to the Founding Fathers I sleep like a baby.

So, forgive me for not buying the false evidence appearing real crap. What about you? Comments below.

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