Deepfake Technology is on the way. In case you have no idea, as I did, what Deepfake Technology is then you need to educate yourself to the dangers it poses.

Deepfake Technology is the art of taking a video and alerting or modifying it. An innocent soundbite of your congressman honoring a Veteran could have the congressman saying he plans to use the military to take over the United States.

Anyone could be made to say anything — and because the technology is so good and will be even better in the years to come, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

The technology uses video algorithms to learn voices, inflection, facial expressions and mannerisms to follow a script to alter the video to make the subject say whatever the creator wants.

How Will This Be Used?

It could be used by foreign governments to embarrass politicians or public figures. Kim Jun Un could be saying the missiles are on the way.

Judges could be seen taking bribes.

Imagine former President Obama admitting he was born in Kenya? Michael Moore loving corporations? Whoopee Goldberg voting Republican? Maxine Waters saying, “Can’t we all just get along?”

The list could be endless.

How Will We Know What’s Real?

In most cases you won’t. Unless the video is so far away from what’s known about the person depicted that it would have to be fake.

Mother Theresa doing porn for example.

But will enough people believe it to change perception? My guess would be yes.

I would use all the erroneous things posted on social media that people believe as clear evidence.

Most of us don’t take the time to fact check the information we see. And therein is the danger.

We should be more informed, but our days are so hectic that few want to add any more tasks to their daily regimen.

Some Final Thoughts

This is going to be a particular challenge to news media which has a tough enough time disseminating what’s true and what isn’t.

Is the video real or fake? If it’s real, we can make the evening news. If not. then a retraction — but either way the damage will still be done.

Do you believe every piece of news you see daily? That task is going to get just a little bit harder.

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