Aside from a few thousand starving people, a 1,600 percent inflation rate, and rampant crime, Brazil’s not all that bad.

After all they wouldn’t hold the Olympics in a bad place would they?

Here are some offsetting fun facts about the 5th largest country in the world.

Fun Facts About Brazil

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will host the 2016 Olympic games. It’s a first for any South American City. (Source)
  • The USA is the only country with more airports than Brazil. (Source)
  • Wanna do a Bruce Jenner? Sex change is free in Brazil under their healthcare program for the past nine years. (Source)
  • The only two South American countries that don’t border Brazil are Ecuador and Chile. Brazil covers 47.3 percent of South America. (Source)
  • Almost 20 percent of Rio de Janeiro’s population is gay or bisexual. About 20 million. (Source)
  • Brazil has led the world in coffee production for the past 150 years. (Source)
  • If you want to work on your tan you’ll have to do it outside. Tanning beds are banned in Brazil. They were the first country to do so followed by Australia. (Source)
  • Friendly skies? Apparently friendly fields too. Studies show that 35 percent of men living in rural Brazil have had sex with an animal. Would I lie about a thing like that? (Source)
  • The next time you’re in the market for a good aircraft carrier where would you look? How about Ebay where Brazil put one up for sale. It’s a steal. Only three owners. (Source)
  • The largest Japanese population outside Japan is in Brazil. (Source)
  • There’s an underground river that runs a little over two miles underneath the Amazon River in Brazil. Scientists believe it is almost as long but hundreds of miles wider. (Source)
  • During the Civil War Confederate refugees migrated to Brazil after losing the war and settled a colony there with a population of 2,000 to 4,000. (Source)
  • Brazil once had about 40 percent of the slave trade in the Americas amounting to about 4,000,000 people. (Source)
  • In the it wouldn’t work here department – Voting is mandatory in Brazil. (Source)

Some Final Thoughts

Mandatory voting? Sounds like a plan. I’m guessing it’s a little easier for them to pick between candidates than we have here.

While Brazil may not be the ideal place with many current economic faults no one can fault its beauty.

Perhaps they will work out their problems in the years to come. Any local’s been to Brazil recently? Tell us your story.

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