How do I know my wife really loves me? She got me the fidget spinners pictured above for Christmas. Why did she get me such a loving gift?

Because my constant fidgeting in my chair, drumming on tables and other irritable noise making things I sometimes do were driving her crazy.

When I picked up a spinner at the store she wondered why I wanted one. I had heard the name but had no idea what they were or did.

I was just curious. It was cheap so I bought it to see what all the fuss was about.

But once I had one it was something to play with while doing computer work and they were virtually silent on my computer table.

She was in heaven.

Columnist Dave Berry Does Not Agree

Here are Columnist Dave Berry’s thoughts on fidget spinners.

There’s one thing we definitely remember happening in 2017: the “fidget spinner” fad. This was huge, and for a good reason: It was extremely stupid. In terms of mental stimulation, fidget-spinning makes nose-picking look like three-dimensional chess. You mindlessly spin the thing around and around, accomplishing nothing. It’s an idiotic, brain-cell-destroying waste of time. So it was the perfect fad for 2017.”

Tom Begs To Differ

Au contraire mon ami. Stupid is the last thing my spinners are. They help me focus, relax, they inspire, they put the world in perspective.

They make the un-understandable, — standable. OK maybe that’s not a real word but you get the gist of my thinking.

Some Final Thoughts

The first spinner I got from Walmart broke sometime in November and that was the genesis of my wife’s inspiration.

She bought me a temp spinner that lights up but it’s plastic rather than metal and that makes it louder.

But now I have seven to play with and we’re both happy campers. I even have one for the Fourth of July. Gotta love Christmas.

Do you have a spinner? If not, why not? Once you spin it flat; you’ll never go back. Comments below.

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