Worn three keys off in less than two years. Photo by Tom Egelhoff
Worn three keys off in less than two years. Photo by Tom Egelhoff

The other day I realized that I had passed the 800 mark in daily blogs I’ve posted for KMMS. Eight hundred fifteen to be exact.

I’m written on almost every topic imaginable. Politics, national and international events, sports, current events, animals, history, military, products and services.

We All Have Our Heroes

Everyone has a hero as they pursue a writing challenge and I am no exception. My blogging hero is The Matt Walsh Blog.

Matt tackles very controversial issues. Whether you agree with his views or not isn’t the point of why he’s my favorite. He’s a very good writer and communicator. And that’s what every blogger aspires to be.

The More You Do The Better You Get

They say the more you do of anything the better you get at it. I’m not sure I’m a better blogger at 815 blogs than I was at 515. It’s very hard for me to be both self critical and objective of my work.

There are a few blogs I’ve written over the years that I am very proud of. Some are controversial some are just topics I enjoy. Here are some of my favorites:

Blogging And The Family

My wife suggested the topic for this blog and said to write about what’s it like to write with a baseball or football game going on TV, three dogs playing and barking, and her interrupting me every 15 minutes to help her do something.

There is also the challenge of doing five blogs a week. Where do the topics come from?

The most frustrating thing is thinking of a really good blog topic while driving somewhere or walking around the grocery store and not remembering it by the time I get home.

I guess I have one of those complicated minds that file things then forget where I filed them. Now I try to write the ideas down as soon as possible.

Some Final Thoughts

It’s very therapeutic to put your thoughts on paper five days a week. Sometimes I share more than I should. Other times you’ll have to read between the lines to get the full meaning of some thoughts.

I do wish I had paid a lot more attention in English class diagramming sentences and learning to be a better speller.

Grammar and spell check can’t do it all unfortunately. But they might help me get my points across more succinctly and look a little smarter.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Got any good blog topics for me? Comments below.

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