This is my cat. This is dirty hockey gear. This is my cat face down in dirty hockey gear. It's so weird that you don't know if you should shoo him away or just turn your head and leave him be. So gross.

Call me a horrible person but AT FIRST, I didn't even want this cat. I didn't adopt this cat. The cat showed up in my dad's condo one day and never left. (Much of that had to do with my father immediately falling in love with the cat and allowing the cat to sleep on his bed.) But to be clear, the cat adopted us.

When my father passed, there was no question I was going to take care of the cat. Going to a shelter wasn't an option. My feeling was that if I had the space and the money to take good care of him, he was coming with me.

All that aside, this cat is embarrassing. The cat loves nothing more than being face down in the guy's hockey gear, especially when people are around to witness it.

Cat face down in hockey gear

There IS solace in the fact that we don't have to go around apologizing to our neighbors because he's stealing their underwear or anything...

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