Unless you’ve been living under an overpass for the past month you are probably aware that there is a partial government shutdown.

Over 400,000 government workers are not going to get a paycheck for the Christmas Holidays. What kind of Grinch would do that?

The short answer is they got paid.

The Dates Were Bugging Me

The original date for the government shutdown was supposed to be December 7th — Pearl Harbor Day. Then they voted to move it to December 21st. Why those particular dates I wondered?

Why not Saturday the 8th and 22nd. End of the week so why those particular dates? It really bugged me.

I went looking at government employees pay dates. When do these guys get paid and it became painfully clear how gullible we are as to how government works.

Government employees are paid every two weeks like most of us. Their pay period starts on Monday and ends on Saturday. So, no Saturday shutdown. That would be an accounting nightmare.

What are the two paydays in December you ask?

Thursday, December 6th and Thursday, December 20th.

A large number of government employees got paid in full the day before the shutdown. So, stories of them only having coal in their stockings is greatly exaggerated.

Some Final Thoughts

Is it any wonder that we have lost all faith in our politicians and the news media? It would seem like the most obvious questions to ask are left to the “inexperienced” to ponder.

I’m thankful I have a place to vent three hours a week.

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