Within hours of President Obama's declaration that he would take the decision on whether or not to use U.S. military force in response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria to congress, Congressman Steve Daines released the following statement: 

“I am glad to see the President agreeing to my request—and the demands of the American people—for Congressional approval before any potential military action in Syria. I will closely scrutinize intelligence suggesting that the Syrian regime has unleashed weapons of mass destruction against innocent civilians. Like many Montanans I've spoken to, however, I do not want to put our country center stage into a conflict where the objective isn't clear, the outcome is uncertain and American lives are in jeopardy. I will not support the use of military force unless I'm convinced that our national security is at risk and the President's military strategy will successfully secure our interests.”

Though congress isn't scheduled to reconvene until September 9, many believe that an early session will be called.

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