Every time I turn on the news these days there’s another politician accused of some form of inappropriate behavior.

Reforming congress is a lot like pouring water out of a sinking boat. The leak is bigger than the bucket.

No matter how hard you bail the waterline rises.

Now we hear a news story that for the past few years Congress has been making taxpayer payouts of $17 plus million dollars paid to those bringing actions against our elected leaders.

Our tax dollars.

Do we know the names of these folks who acted inappropriately while serving us? Not if there’s a non-disclosure agreement which each payout probably carries.

What’s The Answer?

When someone makes an allegation against you what recourse do you have? Once the rumor begins it’s nearly impossible to disprove if enough people believe it.

Whether you can run this gauntlet or not really depends on how much damage you do.

If you’re the owner of the company then you may be above it. If you’re an employee and your actions shed a poor light on the business then you will probably be shown the door.

What if you’re innocent? A “he said, she said” scenario? Would you have the financial resources to fight? Many people don’t.

The bigger the story the more bucks it takes to get justice. And even if you win in judicial court you might still lose in the court of public opinion.

You Have Two Choices

Your first choice is to skulk off and hide in the shadows and live a life of disgrace or you can deny, but don’t defend, and hope that next week’s news headlines will chase you off the front page.

The less waves you make the better off you are.

If that front page doesn’t change then you are pretty well stuck much like Kevin Spacy. You’re off your TV show and it’s a boring Christmas.

The Golden Boys

Some people have successfully weathered the storm. Two most notable targets being Presidents Trump and Clinton.

A few weeks before the election the ABC Access Hollywood tape comes out with a very damaging interview and weeks later Trump is president while the guy who made the tape who was considered a future prime time news guy is fired and his career in TV is pretty much toast.

Bill Clinton is playing house in the oval office, lies under oath, is impeached by the house of Representatives and leaves office with a 60 percent approval rating and is still the darling of the Democrat Party.

Eliot Spitzer, former Governor of New York, resigned in disgrace after spending $15,000 on prostitutes over a six month period. As punishment he gets his own TV talk show.

So much for justice being done.

Some Final Thoughts

Bad things happen to good people. For whatever reason we seem to take network news outlets as gospel while we condemn them in polite company.

How does that work?

If it bleeds it leads. The more salacious the story is the more the public eats it up.

Anything in your past you’d like to keep in your past? They say confession is good for the soul. Here’s your chance.

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