Montana has seen an influx of production companies filming various projects in the state. For many production companies, incentives and the cost of production make Montana an appealing choice when picking locations to film movies and TV shows.

Many people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 4 of the Paramount Network's popular series Yellowstone which premieres on Sunday. Much of the production and filming for the series takes place in Montana near Hamilton and Darby. Many people in Montana really enjoy the show, myself included.

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On one hand, local businesses and companies in Montana are benefitting from out-of-state production companies. There's no arguing the fact that the projects are helping to boost Montana's economy, which is especially helpful to small towns across Montana where many films and TV shows are being filmed.

We've heard multiple stories about celebrity sightings in Montana, and lately, they've become much more common.

Here's my question. Are these movies and TV shows really benefitting Montana, or are they having a negative impact? Clearly, Montanans aren't too fond of people moving here from other states. Is showcasing Montana in front of a national audience making it worse?

Personally, I think that TV shows like Yellowstone give viewers a glimpse into how great Montana is, and result in a lot of people packing up their belongings and hitting the road to find a new home in the Treasure State.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to vote in the poll. The majority of voters said "Yes. There's already enough people moving here." Check out the full results below.

  • Total Votes: 177
  • "Yes" Votes: 143 - 80.79%
  • "No" Votes: 26 - 14.69%
  • "I Could Care Less" Votes: 8 - 4.52%
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