When was the United States justice system put on hold? I think I missed that event. Was it in the papers and I just missed it?

It seems that the US Government has made the decision that they will enforce the laws they like and ignore those they don’t.

Not sure that’s what the founding fathers had in mind when they toiled over the writing of the US Constitution.

Illegal Aliens

They are illegal aliens. They are not undocumented workers, or displaced immigrants.

Put any shade of lipstick you want on this pig and it’s still a pig.

Anyone crossing the border without proper documentation is breaking the law. There’s no way to scrub that definition clean with politically correct terminology.

Now it seems that there is a portion of fence between Arizona and the Mexican border that has come under fire recently.

An Arizona newspaper has conducted a study and they have determined that the fence is too high and illegal aliens are breaking bones trying to get over it.

In other words they can’t safely break the law.

It would seem that Arizona is just not compassionate of our southern neighbors.

Meanwhile the White House is in the process of raising the height of its fence due to folks jumping over it lately.

We certainly can’t have that.

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll

There are 8 words I can’t say on the radio without a fine being levied against the station by the FCC.

But any rapper can say all eight and more with no problem on any CD being sold today. If fact the more gross and disgusting the lyrics, the higher the sales.

While marijuana is illegal under federal law several states are working hard to make it a cash crop in their state while the federal government looks the other way.

Neighboring states to Colorado are very upset about the amounts of illegal drugs that are pouring into their states.

Some states have even filed suit against Colorado. The suits are still working their way through the courts.

Some Final Thoughts

Either we enforce laws on the books or we don’t.

I may not agree with every law on the books but I think if we have laws then they should be enforced across the board.

Picking and choosing what we will or will not enforce just because current administrations are more liberal or conservative doesn’t help anyone.

Picking and choosing or rewriting existing laws on a daily basis tells everyone that why not break a law you don’t like?

Your government is doing it.

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