When I came to Bozeman to do the morning show Dominick in the Morning and work as program director at AM 1450 KMMS, I was very excited. I want to make our stations the best in Montana. In California, I started listening to some of the locally produced radio shows.

We are so lucky in this city to have such good shows on the weekend. Three hours of Gesundheit! With Jacobus on Saturdays at 8 a.m. and Open for Business with Tom Egelhoff from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The truth is, when I was programming director in other cities, the first thing I had to do a lot of the time is cancel most of the local shows. I remember telling Bubba (that's his name) I was taking his show off. It just wasn't good. To this day he hates me.

I started a search for a new local host, and with some coaching, I found a great guy to host a weekday afternoon show. We doubled the people listening to the new local show. I also found out it was the first time in that city a black man hosted a show. He was funny and did a great show, but he refused to be called a “black” man or an “African American.” On the show he called himself a “negro.” His said he fought so much racism in his life that he fought very hard for respect just to be called a “negro.” He wasn't changing.

Finding great new, local talk host is hard. But I care so much for listeners that I really don't want second-rate talent having radio shows.

When I heard Gesundheit! With Jacobus and Open for Business with Tom Egelhoff, I thought, "Great, no one has to be fired."

AM 1450 KMMS has two really good shows. What could make them better? What could make Gesundheit! With Jacobus  and Open for Business with Tom Egelhoff better?

Then it hit me. The only thing that could make these shows better is to have more of Gesundheit! With Jacobus and Open for Business with Tom Egelhoff. I am working very hard, and I am happy to say starting very soon.

In case you missed any part of their Saturday shows, AM 1450 KMMS will have an encore on Sunday nights. So six hours of Gesundheit! With Jacobus  and Open for Business with Tom Egelhoff every weekend.

Plus, I am working on setting up a podcast of our shows. So you will be able to listen to them anytime. Larger cities do this and we in Bozeman deserve the best radio experience we can give you. I don't have it locked down yet, but we are working on it.

I want the radio station to serve the local community, and if you have any ideas for shows or possible co-host's for my show Dominick In The Morning, please email me with your thoughts.



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