When talking about sanctuary cities, Bozeman's Mayor Carson Taylor said President Donald Trump would never take funds from cities that don't cooperate with the federal government. The mayor wanted to make Bozeman a sanctuary city.

The mayor told us not to worry, the Feds would never cut us off. Someone needs to tell our mayor he may be wrong. Yesterday, the United States House of Representatives voted to do just that.

Soon the Senate will vote on it, and President Trump will surely sign it into law, yet another example that liberals have no idea what they are talking about.

If Mayor Carson had his way, Bozeman would have become a sanctuary city by now. Tax money that we need to run this town would be cut off. And, as liberals know, whenever they don't have the cash to spend, they increase our taxes.

Luckily, some of the other commissioners and the public let it be known there would be trouble if the mayor had his way.

Last February, the Bozeman City Commission announced it would not consider making Bozeman a sanctuary city.

Bozeman police don't ask about citizenship and, to save face, the mayor read a statement, a proclamation, saying Bozeman is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place.

Wow, I thought Bozeman was an unsafe, unwelcoming, noninclusive place.

Thank God Mayor Carson Taylor said that. And thank God back in February someone was smart enough to shut him up.


(The Associated Press contributed to this story)


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