I’ve always hated Mondays. Weekends are just too short and the week is always way too long.

As long as I can remember I’ve been going to work or school every Monday morning. At least until I retired.

Even so that stigma still remains. On Sunday I still get that anxious feeling heading to bed on Sunday night.

But being retired it’s great to wake up Monday morning and the only thing you have to think about is what you want for breakfast.

That’s pretty cool.

Monday Weather

Monday weather rarely cooperates either. In winter there’s always snow or ice or something to make you late for work or your first class on Monday.

It’s as though the week is already out to get you.

Weekends always seem to be cold, rainy, or snowy while the workweek is sunny, warm, and bright. That’s just wrong.

Monday Fires

It seems like there were always Monday fires to put out. Show up at work and there’s a pile of problems on your desk.

Everything you put off on Friday is still sitting there Monday morning. Only now it’s twice as urgent as it was on Friday.

I’m convinced that Monday is the primary reason for high blood pressure medicine.

Some Final Thoughts

Even Monday holidays don’t help that much. You just have to pack five days of work or study into four.

A Monday holiday is just one more day to worry about all the things that will be piled on your Tuesday morning. And the Friday pile seems to have grown by then.

No wonder we’re plagued by heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression. It’s all because of Monday’s. There outta be a law.

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