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Tom opens with his podcast “How To Be Your Own Small Business Sales Manager” Then Shane joins the discussion and the topics are off and running.

First Half Hour

  • Tom and Shane threw out the idea of a universal minimum income for all Americans. Nixon had a similar idea, so did George McGovern and it was even proposed in Star Trek.
  • Cash in all the entitlement programs? Who gets what?
  • Innovation and labor along with business startups.
  • The changing face of American Labor.

Second Half Hour

  • The recent dog attack outside Bozeman – 65 yr. old woman killed by two dogs.
  • Dog killings in China. The Chinese believe the more horrific the death of the dog the more power from the meat is transferred to the consumer.
  • Supreme court upholds Trump travel ban. What’s happening in Germany, France and England? Who gets to come?
  • Callers weigh in on CNN’s Morning Joe vs. Donald Trump and healthcare
  • Repeal and Replace or something else?
  • Callers were also concerned about Montana Water Rights from recent letters sent out recently.

Third Half Hour

  • Healthcare continues into this half hour. Bailouts of insurance companies ending so they are bailing out of Obamacare.
  • Continuation of the Montana water rights letter continued with more detailed explanations from our very informed callers.
  • The Federal Government owns sixty percent of all the land west of the Mississippi.
  • It’s Canada Day too.

Fourth Half Hour

  • More detail on CNN Morning Joe and Trump feud.
  • Should the president stop tweeting?
  • Taxes and Healthcare still alive in Congress but not before July 4, recess.
  • Callers weigh in on Russia and North Korea – railway link from Siberia to North Korea for coal.

Last Half Hour

  • Market wrap up for the week. Gold, oil all over the place, bitcoin up headed for a billion, Dow up 18% for the year. S&P up 15.5%, NASDAQ up 27.25%, Russell up 23%. Growth all over the world. Only retail somewhat down.
  • Europe exploring Quantum Easing – Japan planning to write off significant debt.
  • Callers commented on the morning show changes. Canada Day with Shane.
  • Caller talks about corporate corruption and derivatives in the US.
  • Finishing up market review for the week.
  • See everyone next week. -


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