I’m sorry to report it’s sad but true. A church in Massachusetts has once again outdone themselves when it comes to using religion to promote their left-wing ideology.

Their Nativity Scene which usually consists of the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and the three wise men has Jesus encased in a black cage, the three wise men separated by a barrier with a sign saying, “deportation.”

This is supposedly done to get us all talking about what they perceive as an injustice at our southern border.

Caging baby Jesus is supposed to shine a light on the separation of children from their parents who are trying to cross the border into the United States or apply for asylum.

The three wise men are out-of-towners and not welcome even though they come bearing gifts.

You Really Didn’t Make Your Point

In the first place Mary and Joseph were not illegal immigrants. They were traveling to their place of birth to register for taxes. Jesus was never separated from his family at any time through any action by the state.

I think we all know this but why let facts stand in the way of your selfish message.

Instead of a Nativity Scene why not just create a replica of the border and put a couple of Hispanic kids in the cage along with grieving parents with tear stained faces gazing outside helplessly. I think that would get the message across much clearer.

At best you confused people who are scanning their King James version to see if they can find the verses explaining the jailing of the baby Jesus.

This is a truly despicable display and desecration of a religious symbol. But our society sits back without comment.

Yes, this is free speech. They have every right to put up any sacrilegious display they like. Just not on public property — then we get up in arms.

Some Final Thoughts

Last year this same church put up listings of mass murder locations and the number of dead in each of those locations above the Nativity Scene.

If that doesn’t say Merry Christmas, I don’t know what does.

This was designed to spur gun control discussion.

What’s up next year? A staving North Korean baby? The Baby Jesus with long blonde hair voting in Russia? A masked Antifa baby?

Maybe for Easter we can shoot Jesus on the cross as a fund raiser. Closest one to the heart wins. Is that any less disgusting?

But it would get people talking about gun control.

I suppose they have all year to think about it — and that’s the down side.

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