HOUR ONE: GUEST: Montana Senate President Scott Sales (above) joined Tom and Shane on Open for Business on November 10th. In the first half hour Sales reviewed the recent election and discussed the Senate election, the initiatives, and the effect on the upcoming Legislature that will meet in January. In the second half hour Sales talked about the challenges of the budget. Since I-185 went down in flames Montana is going to have to either raise taxes or cut services to cover Medicaid in Montana.

HOUR TWO: In this hour Shane gave a breakdown of undecided seats in both the house and senate. Also, the fires going on in California. The Affordable Care Act attracted several callers Shane brought callers up to speed on Canadian Healthcare. Oil in Canada, Mexico and the XL Keystone pipeline were also a hot topic of the hour. It was also the 100-year anniversary of the ending of WWI. Shane gave a brief comment on that celebration.


More election news about recounts and law suits filed in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona. Tom and Shane also discussed what the lame duck congress could accomplish between now and the first of January when the Democrats take over the house. Shane started the second half hour off with our Weekly Market Wrap up keeping everyone informed about markets around the world. The hour finished up with Shane talking Canadian elections and how they differ from ours.

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