Thanks to a 4.1 percent growth in GDP and the European Union capitulating on trade the US stock market took off as did the European markets.

The Dow again topped 25,000 and then some — up 17 percent for the year. S&P 500 up 14 percent and the NASDAQ up 22 percent for the year.

Facebook took the biggest one day drop of any stock in history losing about $120 billion dollars.

Twitter also took a hit from the bad publicity about their restricting conservative posts and also cleaning their member lists of bogus members.

Gold is flat somewhat due to oversupply on the markets. Oil is down and still in flux between bulls and bears as to where it’s going this summer and fall.

Silver is off 7 percent for the year.

On a positive note soybeans up $9 dollars thanks to the tentative EU agreement.

Shane explains the Russell 2,000 exchange and why it’s an important marker for the small investor.

Tom also talked about the cherry picking of percentages for the President’s Job Approval.

Conservative talking heads give the high number while liberal commentators tout the lower number. Check out for the average of all the polls out there.

Tom also gave the numbers for congressional job approval and the direction of the country polls.

A caller asked Shane about which foreign markets are a predictor of American Markets.

Another caller wanted to know about the future of electric cars and how soon they will replace the internal combustion engine?

How will the battery question be solved?

Shane also talked about shipping rates and what a market indicator that is to our markets.

Check out this informative interview below and save some money.

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