Shane starts this segment off with the local markets, jobs report and more. Shane is predicting a 30,000 Dow by August. Tom’s not so sure. The gloom and doom of the upcoming election season might affect the markets negatively.

One of the callers suggested that legislation is happening too fast. He used the Florida Gun Bill as an example.

Tom chimed in thinking that whatever can be passed quickly to garner votes will be used to bolster tough races for Democrats running in red states.


Oil is up, gold is steady, silver’s up, and other commodities are doing well.

Tom was surprised that the steel and aluminum tariffs didn’t have more effect on the markets.

A positive job report of over 300,000 new jobs helped stabilize the market.

Will the Fed raise rates and if so — how much? That’s the big question.

Shane thinks the Fed will react to currency exchange rates more than the Stock Market or other economic indicators due to the fluctuation of the dollar’s strength on world markets.

How will the Trump Tariffs affect the price of commodities — or will foreign countries make good on threats to go after American farmers with tariffs against our agricultural products.

What effect, if any, will the North Korean talks have on the markets? Or will they not take place at all?

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