A winter storm warning has been issued for central and southwest Montana. Every hour on “Dominick In The Morning” today Bozeman listeners were warned about how rain and snow that was expected in the mountains until Saturday might affect them.

As I warned about traffic conditions and road safety, I pointed out they could call 511 for road and travel conditions. I said I was cold. I couldn't believe how cold it was this morning.

“It is cold this morning,” I said. “It's 30 degrees!”

I was being honest and truthful, but I didn't realize what I was saying. I forgot I was in Montana and I should have know better to complain about the cold when it was only 30 degrees.

I could hear my listeners mocking me. "You think it's cold now, Dominick, just you wait."
I read from the urgent winter weather report I printed out from the National Weather Service.

“Rain will continue to change to snow through this morning as snow levels lower to around 6500 feet. Snowfall rates will peak today. Mountain snow will gradually end from west to east on Saturday morning...”

"Urgent, urgent, it's getting cold, "I proclaimed. Then I realized it: 30 degrees is cold. I keep telling people I can handle a Montana winter, and I honestly think I can...or thought I could. I need a hat, a jacket, maybe snow shoes. I just don't look good in boots.

So, as I report on my first winter storm warning, I realized I have no idea how cold this winter is going to be.

I'm scared.



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