Today on Dominick In The Morning we had our monthly visit from Bozeman's religious leaders in Islam, Judaism and Catholicism who share their views on all things God.

The topic of abortion came up, and it was interesting to hear how each faith deals with that issue. I learned that Islam will only agree with abortion if the life of the mother is in danger. So if a Muslim mother wanted to get an abortion for no other reason than she didn't want a baby, Islam would forbid it. The Islamic spokesman wanted me to understand that he was "pro choice" for women who were not Muslims. As for his family and followers, it was not allowed, but non-Muslims could have free choice.

The Catholic priest pointed out that he believes life starts at conception. Any kind of abortion, except for saving the life of the mother, was killing. It was the act of taking a life. It seems Catholics and Muslims agree life starts at conception.

What I found most interesting was the rabbi's views. I need to point out that like Christians, there are different types of Jews, Liberal, Conservative and Orthodox. So Rabbi Ed was not speaking for all Jews, just the people who follow his synagogue.

He said that Jews believe life starts with the first breath. He pointed out that the first man was not alive until God breathed on him and gave him his first breath. So even at nine months, the child isn't alive until it is delivered and takes its "first breath."

So, while, abortion is a very controversial topic, I was so happy we could have a civilized and respectful conversation. I am a Christian, and for me to understand how the other great religions view the subject was very satisfying. While I don't agree, for the first time, I could understand and see another point of view.


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