Equifax has been all over the news. Millions of people had their information hacked. According to Montana Attorney General Tim Fox on Dominick In The Morning, about 200,000 citizens of Montana were affected.

Fox talked about what people in Montana needed to do to protect themselves. He advised that we go to the Equifax website, put in your name and the last six numbers of your social security and you could find out if your information was stolen.

Our phone lines went off.

“The attorney general is giving the wrong information,” one caller said. “Well, it's not really wrong, but people shouldn't go to the Equifax website.”

We then learned that if you put your information on the Equifax site to find out if you were alright, the small print read that you were giving up your right to sue or join a class action case against Equifax.

Fox said he was aware of that, but it wouldn't affect the people of Montana because it is illegal to force a citizen of Montana to give up those rights.

“And anyway,”Fox went on, "they changed that language on the site when people started complaining.”

When my interview with Fox ended, I took more calls. Listeners explained that some of the stuff the attorney general suggested to protect your credit would cost money.

I don't think Fox was aware of that, but my listeners were. After the show I got this email...

It took Equifax three months to report the breach. . . . Have you noticed all of the ads FOR Equifax the last week or so on television, radio and the internet?

Maybe their delay in reporting the breach was to give Equifax time to produce the commercials that make them look good and like something everyone needs to have?

Just wondering. . . .

You are doing a very good job, Dominick — keep on keeping on!


The "Dominick In The Morning" listeners just don't trust Equifax and they wanted the Attorney General Fox to know it.



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