The Better Business Bureau is sponsoring a contest that will award $1,000 to the charity of your choice for the holidays.

Spokesman Dan Buchta said the idea is to focus on your personal gift giving and receiving experiences through social media.

“Here’s how the contest works,” Buchta said. “Post on your own Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tell us about a gift you remember, either fondly or not-so-fondly, then use the hashtags #bestgift ever and #BBBNW to be entered in the contest. Remember, your post must be public in order to be entered in the contest.”

Post your story online, and the one that receives the most 'likes' will win the prize.

The deadline for entries is January 18, 2017.

"You'll get to decide which accredited charity receives the $1,000 prize," he said. "What you'll have to do is get all your online friends involved to vote for your entry, and some deserving charity will benefit from a $1,000 gift from the Better Business Bureau."

To learn more about the rules click here.

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