The Better Business Bureau is being proactive with holiday travelers, warning of several possible scams to watch out for while you're far from home.

Regional Director Dan Buchta says one of the ways that travelers can be ripped off is through public wi-fi.

"Be 'wi-fi wise'," Buchta said. "Like everyone, I power up my laptop when I'm at the airport or even at a hotel, but that's a public wi-fi network, and you have to be really be careful in places like airports, coffee shops and even hotels when you're on those public wi-fi networks never to do any of your personal financial or banking business. You don't want to be putting out your user names and passwords because hackers can steal your personal information."

Buchta also warns travelers to resist the temptation to publish selfies on the road.

"There's two different types of people, those who wait till they get home to post all their travel photos online, and those who just can't wait, and post them while they're actually on vacation away from home," he said. "You don't want to advertise, if you've got a thousand Facebook friends, that you're in Paris for a week. That's a great opportunity for a burglar to break into your home. So, it's better to accumulate those pictures and post them online once you get home."

Buchta says there are many more holiday travel scams, so to get more information. contact the Better Business Bureau office in western Montana at 406-303-3296.

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