Why the Trump Fear?
There’s a saying that defines fear. F.E.A.R. — False Evidence Appearing Real. What some imagine Trump might do is far more fearful than what he actually does.
Picking The Political Puppy
For months leading up to our election we spent millions of dollars, ran ads, almost weekly debates, primary elections, two conventions, a hurricane, and then complete chaos — Election Night.
Debate Prep? Why?
After four years in office for President Obama and 23 Republican debates plus two presidential debates for Romney — what do these guys have to prep for? Is there the remotest possibility they might hear a “new” question?
Debate-ja vu: All Over Again
This debate had few similarities to the first debate. This one was a town hall questions from the crowd and as usual the questions were pretty softball for the most part.
Should Government Be Run Like a Business?
As a business guru you might expect that I might favor government being run like a business. Actually, I don’t think it can be run like a business, and be successful, because of the inherent differences between the two.

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