Immigrants built the United States of America. At the beginning of the 20th century people from all over the world flocked to the United States looking for a better life.

They came to embrace the promise of a new world, not to bring their old world with them and recreate it here in some modified form.

They came to fully transform themselves into Americans, not some hyphenated version that tied them to the very existence they were abandoning.

Where’s The Free Stuff?

When European immigrants landed at Ellis Island there were no social workers to greet them, no food stamps, no housing aid, no training programs, and none were expected.

Those immigrants knew that success was possible here but there were no guarantees, no safety nets, they knew from the outset that they were on their own.

The only possible assistance would be from relatives already here or generous people from their former homeland.

And even that help had its limits. Immigrants were expected to pull their own weight.

Overcoming Discrimination

The Irish, Italians, Poles, Russians, all experienced discrimination in some form yet that did not stop their pursuit of the American Dream — the promise of a better life.

“Irish Need Not Apply,” was a popular sign posted at businesses seeking employees.

Although many nationalities grouped together in neighborhoods they still worked to learn the English language because without it employment opportunities were restricted.

Fast Forward To Today

Illegal immigrants flow across our southern borders at an unprecedented rate. To them the current American dream is not the one the European immigrants were seeking.

Today’s immigrant is here for the free stuff. Learning English is an insult. The entitlement system is designed to bring people on board — and keep them there. A dependent society that can be controlled so power in Washington can be maintained.

Forty-nine percent of Americans pay no taxes. Is there any question why we keep re-electing the same people who keep that policy in place?

Now the new generation of politician has abandoned the ideals that made this country great in favor of buying votes with promises of free college, free cell phones, free housing, and free medical care.

Our federal budget as swelled to over $3 trillion dollars. The bulk of it designated to vote buying free stuff.

Some Final Thoughts

Those immigrants that faced and overcame so many hardships at the turn of the last century are all gone now.

I wonder what kind of country they would have built if there were a menu of benefits to choose from?

Would they have worked hard to learn the language?

Would they have languished on welfare? Been content to live off the state?

Wouldn’t all those entitlements torpedo the very motivation that got them here? I doubt we’d be looking at the same country today.

They were called “The Greatest Generation” for a reason.

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