What statement I’m not sure of. Somehow the climber said that she was protesting the separation of children from parents at the southern border.

Not exactly sure how the two relate other than the immigrants, refugees, illegals are free to cross back over the Mexican border any time they wish. I’m sure they could even get a ride if they asked nicely.

Why Lady Liberty?

When this story broke I did some hard thinking. Who thinks like this? Was she just sitting around having a couple of beers and thinking how can I get on TV?

Or, I’m so upset about the southern border situation how can I voice my disapproval?

Write my congressman, join a support group, march in the streets with a homemade sign?

No, I think I’ll go see if I can climb the Statue of Liberty. That’ll show em.

At the risk of repeating myself, who thinks like that?

Well she got her 15 minutes of fame with the famous Michelle Obama quote, “When they go low — we go high,”“I went as high as I could,” replied the climber.

Some Final Thoughts

I’m curious as to what national monument will be climbed next? Washington Monument? Will someone crawl up on Lincolns lap? Mount Rushmore?

Do we need more security at our national monuments? I’m surprised that security didn’t notice this woman. Climbing the Statue of Liberty seems to me pretty darn noticeable.

Maybe $15 and hour doesn’t get you that kind of protection.

I wonder if anyone has thought about climbing the border wall facing south? I know the TV cameras would show up for that. What say you? Comments below.

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