Good news seems to be in short supply these days. North Korea fires off missiles, Israel has too many enemies to name here. Europe is in chaos.

There’s no storage of civil unrest around the globe.

It sure seems like bad stuff has the market cornered.

Bad Stuff Happens to Good People

Here in America lately we seem to celebrate the shooting of the week — every week.

And the sad part is that no one has any answer or has concocted any law that will make us any safer from people who want to kill others.

Corporations are bad, banks are bad, cops are bad, immigrants are bad, and politicians are bad, at least according to the 24/7 news channels.

The More Things Change …

The more things change the more they stay the same. Is there any reason to believe that after the November election we’re going to experience peace and harmony?

The more political parties claim to be poles apart the more similar they look.

The Great Recession supposedly ended in 2009 and we have yet to see a 3% increase in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) since.

The Good Stuff

Is there any good news out there? Of course there is. However the old adage says, “If it bleeds it leads.” Meaning bad news sells more papers and puts more eyeballs on TVs than good news.

Social media has become the distribution center for good news. Thousands of posts daily about great people or great events happening around the world.

Videos of amazing rescues, or people helping those less fortunate clog the time line of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users worldwide.

Some Final Thoughts

When the chips are really down and the stuff is about to hit the fan people rise to the occasion.

Bad stuff or disasters aren’t always the catalyst for good behavior. If people see a need or hear a need they respond in very profound ways.

Some of us sacrifice a lot and some a little but almost all of us help someone as we pursue our daily lives.

It might be a monetary gift, a gift of time, or just a kind word.

Good is out there in great supply. Sometimes it just a little hard to find.

Who will you help today?

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