The other day my wife was going down the list of things I’m doing right now.

Radio show, blogging five days a week, maintaining and writing for two web sites, weekly podcasting, newspaper columnist, adult education instructor, and soon to be doing online videos.

Why on earth would I subject myself to that much work? I’m retired.

Shouldn’t I be sitting on the front porch sipping an adult beverage with my feet up watching the world go by and enjoying life?

I’m working harder now than when I was working a day job.

Why DO We Bother?

I was asking myself that very question the other day. Why am I busting my ass at this point in my life?

In my 70s who knows how much time I have left on this earth. Thankfully I’m in good shape for my advanced years.

Even if I help people with all the things I’m doing is the trade off of time and effort really worth it?

Yes, most of the things I do produce income so I’m not doing everything pro bono. But would the loss of that income kill me? No it wouldn’t.

We’re Born, We Work, We Die

That sounds really cold doesn’t it? Obviously that’s a very simplistic outlook. All of us want to make a difference.

All of us want to justify our existence in this world.

Some people do it on a high level in business, politics, philanthropy or social services. Others do it on a more personal local level with family, work, church or community.

Will You Or I Leave A Legacy?

Presidents seem to worry about their legacy. Will they create programs or policies that will always be linked with their name?

Most of us won’t leave any kind of legacy in our communities. Most of us won’t have streets or buildings named for us.

We were here for a time and now we’re gone.

Did the world collapse because of our absence? — Probably not.

Why All The Hard Work?

Why all of the volunteer work? Why the support of charities or churches?

Our time on this earth is very limited. Why do we give up the most valuable asset we have — our time — for others?

Some Final Thoughts

There are so many things I still want to accomplish. Why would I think that way?

What purpose does whatever I do from now on serve in the grand scheme of things?

Is spite of that I still plan things I want to accomplish and I know that time is now my enemy.

I think we all want to feel that there is some reason we’re all here.

Something we’ll accomplish, no matter how big or how small, that will somehow make things better for others and ourselves.

That life is more than just a biological time frame.

I don’t have the answer to why we bother but it’s a much better world because we do.


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