What’s your Incentive? What’s your incentive to lose weight, stop smoking, or be a better partner or parent?

There are good incentives and there are bad incentives.

According to dictionary.com, the word Incentive • [in-sen-tiv] (noun) Means something that incites or tends to incite to action or greater effort, as a reward offered for increased productivity.

What’s that sharp object in your mind poking you to strive for something you want but don’t necessarily want to put in the effort to get?

Incentive To Start?

Almost everyone can find an incentive to start. How many diets have you started? How many days without a cigarette? How many days without Facebook? How many days of exercise?

Most of us start with good intentions but rarely have an incentive strong enough to carry that goal to the end.

Incentive To End?

Few incentives are strong enough to carry you through to the bitter end. We often need a little prodding.

Someone suggesting we pass up that dessert. Or, someone who sends us out the door for a jog or to the gym.

In some cases it might be a message from your doctor. A life-changing event.

Stop smoking or else, lose weight or else. Those four words we don’t want to hear but sometimes are all we need to change our lives.

Some Final Thoughts

Life changes, while beneficial in many cases, can be painful. Not always physically painful but more emotionally painful.

Achieving any goal requires effort and dedication. But without a strong incentive it’s often doomed to failure.

Find your incentive. It might be simple; it might be complicated. But you can’t change your life without it.

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