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No matter who’s elected president things are going to be changing dramatically in the next ten years.

Think of how much advancement there has been in the past 10 years. Social media, cell phones, and driverless cars.

Music and all forms of communication. How we research products and services. The vast knowledge of all mankind doubles every year.

Medical knowledge will double every 73 days by the year 2020.

Even the most primitive cultures and third world countries are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Future Will Be Amazing

The 1900s had the “Roaring Twenties” — the birth of industrialization. The automobile, flight, electricity, telephone, radio and movies all became available to the huddled masses on a grand scale all at once.

We will soon be entering another era of “Roaring 2020s” that will also usher in amazing advances poised to hit us all at once.

Knowledge Is S.T.E.M.

The future jobs and careers will be in S.T.E.M. disciplines — Science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

I’ve advised parents to encourage their children to look toward a career in developing and repairing robots. We will have them in the next ten years if not sooner.

I remember when I was in school many years ago and people were predicting flying cars and space travel as the norm by the year 2000.

We fell a little short of those but that’s no reason not to pursue those very ambitious goals.

Some Final Thoughts

Today’s college freshman will be asked to solve problems in four to seven years that don’t exist today.

That’s how fast things are moving and how fast science and technology are advancing.

Don’t think the train has left the station if you’re not in one of these careers. They will spawn a landslide of spinoff products and services. That will employ millions.

We are truly living in interesting times.

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