I’m really going to date myself here but when I was growing up radio was king. TV was only available in black and white when we got our first one when I was probably about 10 or 11 years old.

Up until that time music, sitcoms, soap operas, were all on radio.

My life's dream growing up was to be a baseball announcer like Vin Scully or Harry Caray.

The 1960s

The very first televised presidential debate was between Kennedy and Nixon in 1960. People who watched thought Kennedy won those on radio thought Nixon won.

A whole new way of spinning the news was born and listeners and viewers lost no time taking sides.

Liberal vs. Conservative

There’s no question that Liberal vs. Conservative have taken over nearly all aspects of the American Media.

There is no independent media that I'm aware of.

Fair and balanced is more of a slogan than a reality in today’s media. I know some of you reading this might think that’s a slam at Fox News — It’s not.

MSNBC, CNN, NPR, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS,  — are any of those networks fair and balanced?

They’ve all staked out a niché to attract a specific target market listener. Some networks are liberal leaning while others are conservative.

Listeners pick and choose what information, or the delivery of that information, that they enjoy. A point of view is put forth to attract a specific viewer or listener. It's written not as news but as news with an ideological slant to speak directly to their listenership.

Not all conservatives enjoy all conservative hosts. Same with liberals. We gravitate to our favorite media personalities for a wide variety of reasons.

It’s very difficult for an on air person to maintain absolute objectivity on every topic in the news.

We all have our points of view but should the points of view of the news reporter become the news rather than the facts of the event?

I would say no.

Some Final Thoughts

People on the airwaves have a responsibility to inform and entertain their listeners.

Those who inform are usually reporters or news analysts that simply report the facts as they see them.

That of course can have some spin attached depending on the perceived bias of the reporter.

Commentators on the other hand have no real need to be unbiased. They’re espousing their point of view on the news of the day.

Many viewers and listeners have a hard time telling the difference between reporting and commenting unless the viewpoint is 180 degrees opposite of what they think.

Is it any wonder with our 24/7 news cycle that people might grow to hate some networks? While praising others.

Have we reached the point where all contradictory views must be silenced?

I certainly hope not but one this is sure. People are very adamant about the source of their  news and their point of view.

What’s your opinion?

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