Vaccine mandates, woke politics- is this why the US military is desperately struggling to meet their recruitment goals this year? That was the question thrown to Montana Congressional candidate Ryan Zinke and other Navy SEAL veterans on Fox News.

Ryan Zinke: I don't think it's any surprise. It started with Afghanistan, the disgraceful exit. We lost confidence in our military leadership. And then it transcends into the woke movement. And you know, a lot of the recruiting comes from legacy kids that their fathers, uncles, moms were in the service. And look, it's not my Navy that I served, and it's not the Army I served in. It's a woke movement- indoctrination. No surprise. We need to focus on, guess what, defending our country and not the woke movement.

Retired Navy SEALs Ryan Zinke, Eli Crane and Bill Irwin all weighed in on 'Fox & Friends Weekend. So how do we turn this around? That was the question thrown their direction by Army veteran and Fox host Pete Hegseth:

Bill Irwin: We need to teach our young men and women to be war fighters and to fight and win America's wars. Right now, we see that President Biden, Secretary Austin and General Milley- they failed us. And our men and women want to be part of something bigger than themselves, and we need to give them that opportunity and train them to be warriors.

Here's the video. Click here if video doesn't show properly below.

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