Republican Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte was asked during an interview on AM 1450 KMMS what, if anything, he liked about his opponent Democratic Congressional candidate Rob Quist.

I'd be happy to have a beer with the guy. I think he really loves this state... I respect anybody who is willing to run.”

Gianforte raised his four kids in Montana and he is very proud of them. One of his sons who had a great job in Chicago, called him about six weeks ago and said, “Mom, dad, I quit my job. I gave up my apartment. I have wanted to work with the homeless. He just moved under a bridge in Chicago. He's sleeping on the streets.”

Gianforte admitted that his third son has “a big heart."

"He wants to work with the homeless and he has my full blessing. Although I'd like to get him back to Montana to work with the homeless here," he said.

Is he scared his son is may be in danger living on the street and helping the homeless?

Well, I am concerned. We pray for him.”

Gianforte loves this state and the millionaire businessman wants to give back. That means bringing jobs here, fighting to keep protecting the environment, keeping Americans safe.

With a Republican-controlled Congress and Donald Trump as President, he thinks this is the time we can really help America become even greater. Speaking of President Trump, Gianforte says he thinks what gets people so riled up in Washington is we have “a guy who's actually doing what he said he would do.”

That's the choice that Montana has. Do we send somebody back who's going to work with the administration or work against it?” Gianforte said. “The reason I am running is because Montana needs a strong voice back in Washington, to defend our way of life.”

He's traveled 80,000 miles around Montana in the last 18 months and he hasn't stayed in hotels.

“I've just been staying in people's homes. Somebody said to me, 'Hey Greg, did you know all those people?'” He smiled, “I did when I left I did.”




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