The knee-jerk reaction to that question is probably — about what?

Whatdaya think about Trump? Washington? Climate Change? Vaccinations? Race Relations? Road Construction? Video Games? Stream Access?

Then you can sit back and the arguments begin. How could you possibly think that?

Why do people think what they think when they are so obviously wrong in that thinking? Wrong according to whom? — You?

Who died and put you in charge of how people think?

How Do We Form Our Opinions?

What influence forms our opinions on the issues of the day? In days gone by we thought as our family thought.

Our father’s usually lead the way as to what our position should be on various issues.

Today we have 24/7 sound bites every few minutes. Which sound bites do we believe?

We surround ourselves with like thinking friends and family. We all know some families where one member thinks this and another thinks the polar opposite.

In some cases families are torn apart by these differences. Why is that?

Why is no other view allowed or tolerated? Why is it your way, or the highway?

Principles vs. An Agenda

I admire those who stick to their principles. Even though I might not agree with those principles. But how are those principles formed?

What’s expedient is not always what’s right. If your viewpoint is based on an agenda rather than a principle — then it’s a straw man argument.

You don’t have to go much further than Facebook to learn that a large segment of society is being told how and what to think by those with a political or social agenda.

No matter what your position on any issue might be the same agenda driven generic talking points are used to make your case.

There is a stark absence of original thinking and positions based on facts.

Not just the facts that fit your agenda but a position based on all the facts including those you don’t like.

That’s how principles are really formed.

Every issue has warts. Putting makeup on those warts to fit your agenda doesn’t erase the fact that they’re still there.

Some Final Thoughts

I don’t care what your position is — all views are welcome with me. You might be a racist or bigot but you’re going to get your say.

When I’m on the air it’s not my job to covert you to my way of thinking. I might challenge your point of view with an alternative position to test whether you’re principled or just media brainwashed.

The more we think for ourselves while rejecting the talking points the better the world will be.

Whatdaya think?

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