The drug problem seems to be getting worse. According to Attorney General Tim Fox, the drugs we are seeing on the streets are stronger than ever. As the Montana head of the Department of Justice, Fox is working hard on a plan to deal with it.

The problem needs to focus on dealing with the addict and going after the seller.

"Just a few years ago we saw most of the drugs coming into the area by the major drug cartels." Fox explained  how things are changing. That is not 100 percent true anymore. Now, addicts are finding ways to make their own drugs.

Users make small batches and sell some of them to buy more supplies to make more drugs. It is like a never-ending circle. The old idea to focus on the drug dealers and try to help the users seemed like a good idea a few years ago, but everything is changing.

Some may just put up their arms and say, "I give up." Fox is working on ways to slow the problem down in Montana...maybe even stop it.

Dominick's Thoughts


Is the drug problem really a police matter? In a free country, how do we keep free people from doing what they want? Can we monitor and drug test everyone? Are the American people really willing to pay the price to stop the epidemic?

The only time the war on drugs has ever had any real effects is, some would say in accent China: the war on the opium dens. The army killed anyone doing the drug. Thousands died. The dealers were either killed or so scared they cleaned up their acts. It worked.

The fact is, people do drugs because they are in pain. Drugs for a short time stop the pain. I think drug use in not a police's is a moral problem. The only person that can really keep you off drugs is you. Life is painful, accept it.

As Cher said in the movie Moonstruck to Nicolas Cage when he told her about his pain, "Get over it!"

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