I think it's safe to say that most of us would do the right thing and make sure that any American flag that had fallen to the ground would be picked up ASAP. But, would you be as dedicated as this bus driver who stopped his vehicle to make sure that the flag was not dishonored?

I saw this very patriotic moment on a transit Facebook page in Texas that doesn't have a ton of followers. That means it hasn't been viewed much. Yet. I plan to change that now. Let's celebrate this driver who's name is Eddie Enriquez. This is an above and beyond moment.

Here's the happy ending of the flag returned to its rightful place flying in front of the home.

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Eddie taking the time to make sure the flag remains in an honored position follows the U.S. Flag Code to a T as Military.com explains. Considering all of the tragic and sometimes terrible events that we see on the news every day, I felt like Eddie's valiant act needed to be celebrated. We salute your love of country, sir.

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