Attorney Jennifer Bordy paid a visit to talk about gun control laws in the US and Montana.

As most people know there were two mass shootings recently in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio which at this writing took 31 innocent lives.

As we reflect on this all too common occurrence we wonder if there is any law that will stop a motivated person who wants to inflict harm on others?

Las Vegas Shooting

The Las Vegas shooter used what are called “bump stocks” to make his weapons act like automatic machine guns.

President Trump signed legislation making bump stocks illegal and those who own them are asked to turn them in to law enforcement.

More Gun Laws?

As we mentioned above — is there any law that can contain or eliminate gun violence? After these recent shootings more gun topics come under discussion.

Does the National Rifle Association (NRA) bear some responsibility, should we institute “Red Flag Laws,” outlaw semiautomatic assault weapons?

Everyone wants a solution but no one as of yet had the perfect answer is such a thing even exists.

Jennifer reviewed District of Columbia vs Heller which has been a defining Supreme Court case that enforced the second amendment and self-defense.

She also talked about the gun laws of Montana and some Supreme Court cases here.

Listen to this informational interview on gun laws below.

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