Funeral arrangements have been finalized for Dominick. Below are the details along with some history of the man who won us over.

Most of our listeners only knew Dominick as the zany, outspoken host of Dominick in the Morning on AM 1450 KMMS in Bozeman and AM 1340 KPRK in Livingston.

What you may not know is some of Dominick’s history before his arrival in Bozeman.

Dominick In The Movies

His most memorable movie role would probably be the role of Joey in the fifth installment of Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. He always enjoyed letting us all know that he was one of the principle victims killed in that movie.

He even kept a picture of that event in the KMMS studio.

Joey was a memorable character, a guy with obvious disabilities who really loved chocolate and wanted to be friends with the other troubled teens at the Pinehurst halfway house.

His death is one of the most disturbing in the series, because he gets murdered not by Jason Voorhees or a Jason copycat, but by a fellow teen who is annoyed when Joey tries to be nice to him. (Clip of the scene from YouTube — Warning: Very violent)

Joey's death is the motivation for the killing spree that follows.

Some goofs in the movie: (at around 21 mins) Before Joey's death, the chocolate on his face changes from shot to shot).

Dominick also appeared other films including Once Bitten, Iron Eagle, Evil Laugh, and Rush Week.

Dominick also directed movies including Evil Laugh and the 1988 film Hard Rock Nightmare.

Dominick On TV

He was also featured in many hit TV shows such as Amazing Stories, Knight Rider, and Night Court. (Here’s a clip of Dominick on Night Court)

He also wrote episodes of Charles In Charge starring Scott Baio.

Dominick On Radio

Before becoming the voice of morning radio in Bozeman Dominick worked for many radio stations across the country.

His resume includes radio broadcasting in Nevada, New York, Colorado, Texas, Alabama, California and of course here in Montana.

Dominick’s Family

I had the pleasure of meeting some of Dominick’s family members who visited the station recently.

I wanted to pass along that they felt that it was wonderful that Dominick worked with such a warm, supportive group of people.

They both said that meeting his co-workers went a long way in making them feel so much better about what he was doing and who he was surrounded by before his passing.

Funeral Arrangements

While he loved Bozeman Dominick will return to New York to join his parents in the town he loved and grew up in.

The Service will be held at the Hanley Funeral Home on Saturday, December 8th at 9:30 Eastern Time with burial at noon.

We have no information about any “donations in lieu of flowers” but feel free to donate in Dominick’s name to the charity of your choice.

If you would like to send the family your thoughts or comments you can send them to the funeral home address:

To The Dominick Brascia Family

C/O Hanley Funeral Home

60 New Dorp Lane

Staten Island, NY 10306

We all wish him God Speed and thank him for bringing so much joy and a morning smile to our part of the world.

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