The corporate tax cuts instituted by Congress over the last 18 months will result in lower one-time utility bills for customers of Northwestern Energy.

Spokesman Butch Larcombe explained what happened to provide some savings for customers.

“We’ve reached an agreement over the federal income tax cuts through Congress recently, along with the Montana Public Service Commission, and it means people will be getting some money back in the form of bill credits,” said Larcombe.

Public Service Commission spokesman Bowen Greenwood provided more details.

“The Public Service Commission went ahead and notified all of our regulated utilities like Northwestern Energy, that any benefit the corporation received would have to flow back to the people of Montana,” said Greenwood. “As a result of that, Northwestern Energy revealed the benefits that have been approved. People should see a credit on their bill in the next month or two reflecting the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act resulted in a little bit less in power bills for most customers.”

Larcombe said the numbers will be small, but welcome to Northwestern Energy customers.

“The overall number is about $20 million, but if you split that up between 370,000 electric customers and another 190,000 natural customers, nobody’s going to feel like they’ve won the lottery,” he said. “The electric customers will see a one time credit of about $24 and natural gas customers will see a credit of about $3.50.”

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