The Chairman of the Montana Public Service Commission has officially filed as a candidate for the Montana Supreme Court. James Brown is the chairman of the PSC who represents the Southwest Montana District. He is running for a statewide seat on the Montana Supreme Court.

Brown: The last two years, both nationally and in Montana, have shown how important the court system is to protecting liberty and freedom, and frankly there was no pro liberty candidate running for State Supreme Court this year. And so I jumped in. There's nothing more foundational to a free society and the well being of our state citizens than the rule of law. And we've seen, as you pointed out, a lot of instances in the last two years where courts have not followed the rule of law.

One of my biggest concerns with the Left-leaning majority on the current Montana Supreme Court has been that the facts of the case seem to matter less than the politics of the case. Brown concurs.

Brown: As someone who's practiced law in Montana for almost two decades, the Montana Supreme Court is notorious for having a reputation of adjudicating from the bench, legislating from the bench, and not adhering to precedent. I think one of the best measures for where our court is- the Montana Chamber of Commerce did a judicial review and there was only one of the seven justices that even scored a B on their judicial scorecard for protecting businesses in Montana, and that says a lot about how the court has ruled in the last two decades.

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