I write a series called "Broke in Bozeman" for a reason. Finding lunch for a modest amount of money has become challenging around here. But it's not impossible.

Smart Bozeman businesses give thought to their lunch specials and offer a bargain. Feed people well around here and you've made a customer for life. Although you won't find a sit-down 3-course meal for around $10, you can CERTAINLY get a filling and tasty lunch.

We asked the most in-the-know Bozeman locals where they go when they've only got $10 and need lunch. The responses were plenty, and somewhat reassuring - our town hasn't lost every shred of normalcy.

LaPa Grill & Soup Shack inside SHINE Beer Sanctuary + Bottle Shop: These guys do a great job offering a delicious lunch for a great price, in a super cool location. Bowl of soup $8. (Beer optional). Or a cup of soup and cheese quesadilla for $9.50. Find them at 451 East Main Street in downtown Bozeman.

LaPa Lunch 1 - Julie Walker
LaPa Lunch 1 - Julie Walker
  • I'll get pizza and a drink from Roseaur's if I'm on a budget.
  • Haufbrau or Filler on Friday for Pasties!
  • Colombo's Pizza. 2 slices of sausage & pepperoni pizza, a fountain drink, a small salad and tip. And great conversation with Cassie.
  • 2 Tacos from the El Rodeo food truck.
  • Cholms Burger - The double garden smash burger!! Bozeman food truck court. They are $11 though...
  • Hot line items at the Main Street Co-op.
  • Thursday is a hamburger and a beer for $10 great value at Hail Marys
  • Hail Marys serves high-class jalapeño poppers, made from scratch, way better than manufactured breaded items served elsewhere. Hidden gem.
  • 1/2 a sandwich (which is PLENTY) from the Pickle Barrel on College
Michelle Wolfe
Michelle Wolfe

Favorite Ways To Spend $10 Around Bozeman

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Since we got so many great pieces of lunch special advice, an "honorable mention" list is in order. Plus, some spots were mentioned more than once, or have multiple locations. And one response was just funny, so...

  • Ramirez at the Midtown food truck rodeo...and change back.
  • The Filling Station. Soup, salad, and entree. $9. Lunch is served from 11 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday.
  • Taco truck by Ace Hardware in Livingston. The steak tacos are so good!
  • Dairy Queen 3-piece chicken strip deal with a small snickers blizzard.
  • Costco hot dog or pizza slice or both for WAY under $10
  • Costco duh. Polish and a drink for $1.50, with $8.50 leftover for the gas tank!
  • Fried chicken at Kagy Corner Store
  • Clean Juice! (a super healthy option, extra points)
  • 6 pack of beer and a bag of pork rinds from Town Pump (OK, yeah. But different strokes for different folks, right?)
  • Chicken strips from the hot case at Town & Country in Belgrade
  • Korean-style Barbacoa Taco from Taco Montes
  • Town and Country (on 11th) daily deli special. Or Albertano's.

Feel better? We sure did, getting so many options for a very decent lunch for about $10. Bozeman gets a lot of heat for being "expensive for everything". True, perhaps. But when you want the inside scoop on a good meal, just ask a local. We know the dirt.

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LaPa Lunch 2 - Julie Walker
LaPa Lunch 2 - Julie Walker

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