Did you hear the shout out to Montana on Monday's Sean Hannity radio show? One of our most popular Montana Talks callers- Tim in Billings- made it through to Sean Hannity's program, and he represented Big Sky Country very well.

So what did he talk about? He had a clear message to all of the people fleeing the blue, locked down states for places like Montana, South Dakota, Texas and other well-run red states:

Tim in Billings: Leave your liberal agendas in the states- the dumpster fires that you're leaving- leave those policies. You can have a clean slate. Vote for what you're coming into, not for what you left.

He then talked about the big margin President Trump carried Montana by in the 2020 election. He also talked about how Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen, a Republican, garnered tens of thousands more votes than former liberal Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT).

Tim in Billings: The people in Montana spoke, we want nothing to do with that liberal, progressive garbage that is driving California, Colorado, Washington into the ground. And that's where all these people are coming from. On my street, I see Washington plates, I see California plates, I see Colorado plates. I pray to God, they leave those policies way behind.

Apparently there is a term for people who leave one state due to the mess in that state, and then they move to another state and bring the mess with them there. Another listener on our Montana Talks radio show referred to them as "tumbleweeds."

Here's the audio from Hannity's show, which can be heard in Billings on Newstalk 95.5 FM and 970 KBUL, and in Bozeman on 1450 KMMS/1340 KPRK Livingston.

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