Sean Hannity

Oliver North This Afternoon On Hannity
This afternoon at 2:05pm MT Sean will be joined by Colonel Oliver North and columnist Andrew McCarthy, author of the book,  The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America.  Both guests will weigh in on the current situation in Egypt and what it means to the security of the United…
Rumsfeld On Hannity This Afternoon
This afternoon Sean Hannity will have an exclusive interview with the Former Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, about the release of his memoir Known and Unknown: A Memoir.
This Afternoon On Hannity
This afternoon Sean will be joined at 3:05pm MT by Pat Buchanan, a conservative political commentator, author and syndicated columnist. Sean will be discussing Obama's Egypt response, and will talk with FOX reporters who were beaten in Eqypt.
This Afternoon On Hannity
Today at 3:05pm MT Sean will be joined by journalist and Conservative Member of European Parliament for South East England, Daniel Hannan. Also, get Sean's reaction to Mubarak's announcement not to run for re-election, and Obama says change must start now, as Egypt's prez vows to step…

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