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I’m sure you’ve been there. “Please listen carefully as our menu items have changed.” Do I really need that message?

Do I call so often I know the numbers to press by heart? And we all love to hear, “Your call is very important to us (there’s money in it for us); please stay on the line for the next available representative.”

How Long Is Too Long To Wait?

If you’re lucky enough to get through to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity you might wait as long as it takes. Sometimes that wait can be as long as an hour or more.

Your call is not really that important since all radio shows are designed for the listeners — not the callers.

Plus you have to have a pretty good point just to get past the call screener.

If you’re waiting for computer customer service then the time you’re willing to wait is how desperate you are to speak to Larry who is obviously speaking to you from an adobe hut somewhere near Bombay, India.

Who, may or may not, charge you for the help.

If you’re waiting for help on how to operate your new carpet cleaner — good luck. You’d probably get faster service watching a YouTube video on the particular product. And yes, it’s probably on YouTube.

Some Final Thoughts

How long you’ll remain on hold seems to be in direct correlation to how desperate you are to speak to either a live person or pick a bunch of recorded options.

If you get the help you need for a particular product or service then you are less reluctant to call that same number for future help.

On the other hand, waiting and not getting the help you need produces a big negative for the product and the company.

And that results in the unhappy customer telling everyone they know about their bad experience.

Customer service in store, online and on the phone is more critical to the small business than ever before.

Customers like live people. If you’re unhappy with your company customer service then you might want to try Get Human.

They will find an actual human being who can help you.

If you’d like more helpful information like this please hold. I’m busy assisting other readers. Your comments, quibbles and complaints are very important to me… Please hold and I’ll be with you soon.

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